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Largest Wholesale Islamic Clothing Supplier In Middle East

Gulf Islamic Store Dubai is the world’s first largest wholesale Islamic clothing store who sell A to Z Islamic clothing in bulk at a factory rates to retailers, startup business owners, whether they are entrepreneurial endeavor is online or in a physical retail space. We specialized in best quality of Fancy & Classic Dubai Abaya, Dubai Wedding Abaya, Dubai Kaftans, Girls Abaya, Men Thobes, Dubai Jilbabs, Casual Dresses, Casual Kaftans, Cotton Dresses, Sheila, Hijabs, Scarfs and other Accessories, which are ready to ship in within 5-7 days. We have tailoring and embroidery capabilities for customized orders including branding own labels. Our aim is to provide bulk Muslim clothing with modern and unique styles based Arab heritage and Islamic traditions of the Gulf region.

Dubai Abaya

Now a days Gulf Islamic Store stylish Abayas ranges are very popular among all business owners. Because of our discounted prices and they are long lasting with elegant and fancy embroidery, it makes them standing out from our competitors. This is one reason that’s May retailers and startup business owners prefer to buy GIS stylish Abayas online from www.gulfislamicstore.com Dubai. Or they visit us personally at our factories and warehouses for placing bulk purchases.

Open Kimono Abayas

Which are light in stuff are perfect for summer seasons. Shiny Abayas work perfectly in formal functions. Slim and smart designs give proper body shape and a decent scarf adds beauty to your appearance. If you are going for a party, go for a glamorous shiny black Abayas with frills of shocking pink color on base and arms. Wear matching shiny scarf and a silver, pinkish pin. Wear stylish sandals of silver, black and pinkish contrasts and walk in style. You will be more noticed if you will have light party makeup as well. Abayas of thick stuff can be worn in winters such as denim Abayas, leather Abayas and Courtrai Abayas and so on.

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Dubai Kaftan

Gulf Islamic Store Dubai is the prominent merchant of Stylish and Elegant Kaftans collections. Our whole collection is available in a wide range of pattern, colors and fabric that you will love it.

What makes Gulf Islamic Store Dubai Kaftan so popular is that they impart a unique and carefree look. They are one of the most popular outfits in the category of Moroccan & Persian Dresses, Which are in range these days. Women are increasingly experimenting with Moroccan & Persian gowns. Beautifully designed motif patterns on the kaftan look exceptionally attractive. Spice these outfits with matching accessories that are bound to get you loads of appreciation.

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