Factory Price Pray Jilbab / Khimar

Factory Price Pray Jilbab / Khimar

Comfortable Jilbab for Girls

Searching for prayer jilbabs? You have come to the right place. Whether one wants to buy a few pieces for personal use or needs to buy in bulk for retail, the Gulf Islamic Store provides comfortable and simple jilbab and abaya. Whether you need to buy a new prayer abaya for Ramadan, Eid, or any other special occasion, our range of girl’s abaya jilbabs will surely surprise you.

Make prayer time special with our exclusive collection of jilbab designs. Here is your chance to buy a classy color prayer abaya, khimar praying dress, overhead prayer dress.

Let your little girl focus on prayer with a pure heart. Get her comfortable jilbab for girls.

Abaya Jilbab Online

Our prayer jilbab is simple in design and easy to wear. One can easily carry them. You can store it in your bag, car, or office. Just wear it over the dress, and perform prayer. Here you can find Islamic modest prayer abaya, Dubai fancy, and stylish prayer abaya. Available in a variety of patterns and colors. We have a prayer abaya in a 6pieces set, 2pieces set, and 3 pcs set. Choose color and sizes

Prayer Abaya Online

The demand for prayer abaya and girls abaya jilbabs is high. If you are searching for a kid's prayer abaya then you have come to the right place. Prayer is the time when one must feel peaceful and wearing the right prayer abaya will make it easier to focus on prayer with a pure heart and stable mind.

Buy prayer abayas in bulk for a retail shop or buy few pieces for personal use at wholesale price only from Gulf Islamic Store.