About Us

Abaya and Niqab are the mandatory protective and traditional clothing for Islamic women. There are strict guidelines followed in Islamic Women’s clothing to cover the entire body with an Abaya and Niqab
The Quran states that women should protect their modesty. Because of these traditions and guidelines, Abaya are generally worn by all Islamic women. As an essential article of clothing, it comes in several different designs and styles. There is a provision to shop for the traditional Islamic dresses via the online method from the renowned manufacturer and wholesaler. Persons can shop for Islamic clothing easily through the online method, where they can select their favorite brand and designs.
The GIS is a well-known and reliable wholesaler online  founded in 2001 GIS has reached over 50,000 pieces in their export capacity per month.
We supply large varieties of simple and fancy Abaya designs, Islamic wedding Abaya, Kaftan dresses, Jilbabs, Hijabs, Khimars, and Niqabs, as well as custom made Islamic clothing services at very affordable prices   We also provide design services for an exclusive line of products made with quality fabrics, including elegant embroidery, precious gem stone works, multi color thread work, and patches.
GIS supply wholesale Islamic clothing at affordable prices made with high quality fabric. We provide customers with the ability to purchase wholesale Islamic products without the standard large bundle purchasing that has been standard in the past for wholesale buying. We are the largest wholesaler in Middle East. We supply more than 5,000 designs, including exclusive lines of Abaya and other Islamic clothing to more than 35 countries including DUBAI, QATAR, SAUDI ARABIA, USA, UK, CANADA, FRANCE, Netherlands, SINGAPORE, SPAIN, SOUTH AFRICA, NIGERIA, AFRICA, TRINIDAD, TOBAGO, SRI LANKA, GERMANY, AUSTRALIA, PAKISTAN, INDIA, AUSTRIA, JAPAN, CHINA, BELGIUM, INDONESIA, AL JAZAIR, JAMAICA, MOZAMBIQUE, MAURITUS, KAZAKHSTAN, UZBIKISTAN, MALDIVES, EGYPT, MOROCCO, TUNISIA, MALAYSIA etc…..
We also support home-based businesses by supplying reasonable rates for the small budget. We have 24-hour online support to serve worldwide customers. We provide multiple options for purchasing wholesale Islamic clothing both on and offline.
We currently support small to large-scale Abaya clothing stores and boutiques.  We offer free shipping and stock lot deals on selected collections to assist owners to try out our product line and become familiar with the quality of our products.  This ensures owners a great level of success in their endeavors. We also offer free Abayas to women who are newly converted to Islam.
We consider this the right place for small to large-scale wholesale buyers who like to buy the traditional Islamic clothing of a good quality but at low prices. Gulf Islamic Store is easily accessible online to a worldwide audience with no restrictions.