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Here at Gulf Islamic Store  we like to think of every customer as a business partner and aim to work with you in achieving the most cost effective solution to your wholesale clothing demands. We have many styles , designs and lines of cheap Islamic  wholesale clothing on a regular basis as well as our bulk deals, multi deals and even have a range of  8$ items to choose from! We guarantee to supply Islamic  wholesale clothing for every budget. Our team of dedicated staff are on hand to help you with any enquiries you may have, if you can’t find it on this site then don’t hesitate to contact us  dubai@gulfislamicstore.com where we will be happy to help.


What is a Stock Lot ?
A Stock lot is a product that has had its order cancelled for various reasons, which can be over production time, buyer not able to complete transaction, The stock lot, as it is referred to is then sold at a cost price from our factories 


What is your minimum Order quantity?
Our minimum order quantity in general is 24 pieces with3- 6 pieces per design you may mix sizes. For Stock lot bulk deals our MOQis 60 -100 pieces depend on the stock lot terms & condition .


What is your lead time? 
Orders typically ship within 10-15 days. During peak seasons like Ramadan or Eids this can extend from 15 – 25 days to. We try to ship orders as soon as possible to support you to sell quickly and repeat the orders


Do you offer free shipping? 
Yes we offer free shipping worldwide on selected products lines. please emails us and enquire us on – dubai@gulfislamicstore.com


Are the products shown on the website your full range?
No, it isn't possible to showcase our exclusive ranges on the website, if you are looking for something specific and exclusive please emails us and enquire us on – dubai@gulfislamicstore.com


Important Information regarding Sizes and Color Variations we Supply
Sizes and colors displayed on our website are 100% original. You may not always get a perfect size ratio or color due to image resolutions . We are a MANUFACTUERE and WHOLESALER, some time we sell clearance stock which are not always supplied in perfect ratios or color breakdowns. We do however try and provide a good variety of sizes and colors were possible. Because we are a MANUFACTURER and WHOLESALER, we are able to give you very low prices, prices you would not get any where in world with high quality fabric .


How are shipping costs calculated?
Shipping costs are calculated based on shipping method like Express Courier , Freight Services , Sea shipping ,  , if the shipping weight is 100kg or more we use Freight Service to save your money the shipping rates starts from  per KG 3$ to 6$ , if your order weight is less than 100kg than you will be get the rates 10$  to 20$ per kg depend on the location zone of your country .

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  • From - USA - LA - Tasabeeh Hashi
    Tue, Mar 17, 2015 at 6:27 AM Salam I received the abayas it's very good I like them And I'll talk to you about carton deal later Thank you very much Tasabeeh Hashi 4017 Martinique Ave Kenner, LA 70065 USA

    From - USA - San Antonio TX
    Mon, Mar 16, 2015 at 10:51 PM As salaam alikum brother i received the order MASHAALLAH VERY VERY BEAUTIFUL thank you so much i am ordering a little more today i just need to know the price for the 5dozen hijabis thank you for helping me now I'm going to try to buy at least once a month to build up my inventory thank brother Natasha Sari Thomas ( Sunnah The Better Islamic Gift Shop) 6271 valley bay San Antonio TX 78250 USA i am so happy i place another small order today inshaAllah I will build to make a lot of abayas to sell i already sold 3 and i take the money and buy more from you, thanks Allah.. I will like to buy medium quality haijabs in a few days i just need the total amount, then I will buy Brother you make my family very happy i can support them better because you help me begin my business Alhumduillah may Allah bless you and your family

    From - USA - Ohio - Nadhira Juma
    24-02-2015 Our Live Testimonial, customer bought 50 pieces Kaftan Carton Deals. Please visit to the following YouTube Link and listen our satisfied customers comments: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7f4dmly-SuE&feature=youtu.be

    From - Malaysia - Sister Sarina
    23-02-2015 Our Live Testimonial customer bought 300 pieces Abaya & Kaftan Carton Deals. Please visit to the following YouTube Link and listen her comments :https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uBrPG8cYeDk&feature=youtu.be

    From - Nigeria - Abuja - Mariam
    21-02-2015 Our Live Testimonial customer bought 200 pieces Abaya, veils Scarves & Kaftan Carton Deals. Please visit to the following YouTube Link and listen their reviews : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PQgkBsa7DV0&feature=youtu.be

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